G-TECH + Ghafari Join Forces to Support FCA Program in Toledo

G-TECH joined forces with our sister company, engineering / architecture firm Ghafari Associates, to support Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) as they prepare for the launch of the all-new Jeep Wrangler at their assembly plant in Toledo.

Ghafari’s Packaging Group was tasked with managing the design, development, testing, and delivery of a new system of material handling racks, which store auto body parts that are unloaded by a group of robotic cells for welding in the plant’s body shop. Part of Ghafari’s scope is to provide an on-site robot cell monitoring team responsible for observing the cells during the plant’s two shifts to verify that the new system is operating smoothly before production starts.

Ghafari needed to hire 12 data clerks for the two-month assignment in short order. They turned to G-TECH to recruit and staff these contract positions quickly. The collaboration between G-TECH and Ghafari has been valuable to FCA, enabling them to adjust their automation systems to enhance plant productivity and operational efficiency.

“Our G-TECH partners have done an outstanding job identifying candidates, hiring, orienting, and managing the members of our robot cell monitoring team,” says Brett Swanson, Manager of Ghafari’s Packaging Group. “Our monitoring team is doing well, and this project is proceeding successfully and proving to be very beneficial to our customer, FCA, in terms of fine-tuning their automation systems. Thank you G-TECH!”