Contingent + Project Staffing

Does your business experience seasonal demands? Are you ramping up for a big project? When you need to augment your workforce for a particular assignment, you’re looking for highly skilled professionals that can be effective right away.

At G-TECH, we specialize in recruiting, qualifying, and onboarding the technical talent you need when you need it. Our contract employees, whose assignments range from short-term projects to multi-year programs, work with your team at your facility, enhancing your capabilities on a flexible basis.

Our seasoned recruiting team places skilled professionals with specialized capabilities in such fields as:

  • Engineering
  • Information Technology
  • Health + Safety
  • Project Management
  • Manufacturing
  • Procurement
  • Quality Control

Our involvement doesn’t end with recruitment and onboarding. We support our contract employees throughout their assignments and stay connected with you to make sure that we are meeting your needs and expectations. The result of our hands-on approach? You receive better talent, and our team members are more satisfied, productive, and engaged in their roles.

G-TECH’s contingent staffing solutions not only offer you flexibility in your workforce, but also give you the opportunity to work with technical talent on a contract basis before hiring them directly. Should you decide to directly hire a G-TECH contract employee, we are well-equipped to make that conversion with minimal inconvenience to your team.

Direct Placement

Having the right people on your team makes all the difference in creating a competitive advantage. We make it a priority to understand your industry, business goals, and operations so that we can quickly respond to your needs and locate top talent with the specialized expertise you seek. Drawing on our deep talent network, we focus on finding professionals that will carry your organization forward and give you a leg up on the competition.

As your direct placement partner, we promote your company as an employer of choice and make sure that our candidates clearly understand your expectations and are a good fit both technically and culturally. While you focus on achieving operational excellence, let us find the right talent to help you get there.

Payroll Administration

With the ever-changing compliance and regulatory landscape, managing employment risk has become increasingly complicated. At G-TECH, we stay well-versed in the latest employment laws and compliance practices.

Do you have a pre-selected candidate whose skills will enhance your team, but don’t want to worry about the administrative burdens of hiring them directly? Let us hire them for you. We manage the payroll and benefits administration processes on your behalf, allowing you to focus on activities that improve your bottom line.

Our team handles every aspect of the payroll administration process in adherence with federal, state, and local laws. We assume responsibility for:

  • Payment of employee wages
  • All payroll deductions for federal, state, and local taxes + FICA
  • Employee benefits
  • Unemployment insurance
  • Medical insurance benefits
  • Worker’s compensation

Co-Employment Training

The advantages of working with a staffing partner like G-TECH are numerous. However, there are important distinctions between managing contract employees and full-time team members. Recognizing these distinctions is critical for avoiding potentially costly co-employment violations.

We’re committed to helping our clients understand current co-employment laws and regulations. We offer customized training sessions led by our in-house subject matter experts that educate your team about contract labor best practices in an informative, interactive, and entertaining way.

Our training sessions cover general guidelines for interacting with contract employees, the primary differences between onboarding and managing contract employees versus full-time employees, and situations that can lead to co-employment violations and how to avoid them.