Sr. Project Manager

The Senior Project Manager is responsible for leading a project in relation to managing and leading individual bid packs from pre-award to final closeout. This process would be as a project team member responsible for specific scopes of work. The Senior Project Manager would also be expected to manage and lead medium and large size projects as defined by the Director of Operations. The Senior Project Manager will be responsible for the successful management of bid packs or medium and large sized projects to deliver on time, within the budget and / or initial subcontract price through strong leadership. Reporting, timing schedules, and claims management are very important aspects of the Senior Project Managers’ responsibilities. Flexible, extended working hours will be required to meet the demands of the project.

Essential Functions and Responsibilities:

· Detail development and monitoring of bid pack project schedule in conjunction with the master project schedules and purchasing

· Ensure that the project scope of work is fully understood by the project team

· Capable of resolving escalating issues quickly

· Develop project schedule with the planning manager and with other departments

· Coordinate client information (e.g., project scope) with other departments

· Coordinate invoicing of vendors and of client with project accounting

· Prepare client change orders

· Development of cost reports and monthly updates

· Preparation of cost reports and monthly updates

· Develop and write cost reports for projects including cockpit charts where applicable

· Work within the guidelines of the project management...