Sr. Project Manager

Essential Functions and Responsibilities:

· Detail development and monitoring of bid pack project schedule in conjunction with the master project schedules and purchasing

· Ensure that the project scope of work is fully understood by the project team

· Capable of resolving escalating issues quickly

· Develop project schedule with the planning manager and with other departments

· Coordinate client information (e.g., project scope) with other departments

· Coordinate invoicing of vendors and of client with project accounting

· Prepare client change orders

· Development of cost reports and monthly updates

· Preparation of cost reports and monthly updates

· Develop and write cost reports for projects including cockpit charts where applicable

· Work within the guidelines of the Dürr Group project management manual

· Ensure that site activities (schedule compliance, costs and health and safety) are being run properly

· Attend and run project coordination meetings

· Clarification and finalization of bid documents

· Chair and / or support project meetings

· Prepare monthly project progress updates for customer as required

· Project cash flow projections

· Risk management – identify, manage and control project risks

· Provide mentoring to project managers, associate project managers and graduate trainees

· Conduct internal project closeout meeting, generate and distribute closeout report

· Closeout the project with the customer and obtain final payment

· Manage / approve warranty requests from the customer

Nonessential Functions

· Perform other duties as assigned


· Bachelor Degree in appropriate subject (e.g. Engineering, Construction Management)