Weld Technician

This position is responsible for controlling, troubleshooting, debugging and preparation of welding equipment and weld conditions to customer specifications.

Primary responsibilities

  • Assist in the integration, start-up and debugging of plant floor equipment.
  • Ability to make changes to weld parameters matching to the specification.
  • Ability to compare actual parameters to those listed on the set-up sheets.
  • Operate manual or robotic welding equipment to apply welds according to specifications.
  • Test and evaluate welding equipment.
  • Inspect and replace process equipment components such as electrodes, tips, liners as required.
  • Perform visual inspection of machinery and equipment.
  • Inspect welds and conduct tests to ensure welds meet or exceed standards.
  • Analysis and resolution of welding failures.
  • Provide on-going customer service.
  • Provide support to assembly operators and plant skill trades about welding functionality.
  • Properly document changes and updates.
  • Travel will be required (Typically 2 weeks at a time with a weekend home for, may vary by distance or customer requirements. Install lengths range from 3 months to a year depending on the size of the job) to customer facilities to set up or modify automation processes impacted by robot issues and resolve such issues.

Minimum Qualification

  • 2 year’s work-related experience
  • High School Diploma or GED equivalent
  • Familiar with WTC (RAFT) or Bosch (BOS6000) weld timer
  • Technical Certification in MIG or spot welding preferred
  • Demonstrated knowledge of mechanical and electrical systems used in joining processes (weld controller, weld gun, servo, robot, riveting, projection welding, dispense, tip dressing, auto cap changer, laser)
  • Body shop launch and plant experience
  • Self-motivated...