Warehouse Supervisor (2nd Shift)

2nd Shift; 5 months; must be able to work extensive OT

Assists in ensuring success of departmental function in a warehouse processing center or distribution center, to provide accurate and timely shipments to customers. Leads and solves problems within the limits of general standards and practices, with some direct guidance from the General Supervisor. Position may also include supervising a small team of Union employees.

Major Job Duties & Responsibilities:

• Meet business objectives for department regarding: safety, quality productivity, responsiveness, etc.

• Counsel/Support hourly employees with needs/concerns as required

• Address performance behaviors; commend & reinforce those that are positives, discourage and discipline those that are negative

• Uses Quality Network problem solving process to address opportunities within area - engage work force for ideas

• Apply Workplace Organization (WPO) process to improve layouts and efficiency

• Perform daily Timekeeping System (TKS) updating to ensure accurate processing of payroll data

• Use A-3 reporting format to document problem solving activities and observe local A-3 guidelines

• Conduct daily huddle-up meeting to communicate business performance and have two-way discussion with employees

• Perform and document weekly safety observation tour of department

• Plan daily work load in advance

• Support colleagues to optimize shift performance

• Observe contractual requirements (National & Local)

• Enforce Shop Rules

• Perform daily SOP audit checks

• Advance skills through Individual Development Plan (IDP) process

• Keep General Supervisor Shop Committee apprised of all pending activities

Required Skills/Experience:

• Knowledge of manufacturing processes and...