VI Vehicle Facilitator

Job Description:

  • Responsible to provide support to Vehicle Integration (VI) team inside our client's Vehicle Engineering department.
  • VI team is responsible for testing and validating vehicle performance in all environments, situations, and circumstances.
  • The Vehicle Facilitator will manage the vehicle, logistic, and support-related needs for their assigned program.
  • Responsibilities Include: Take direction from dedicated VI program VIR for day-to-day assignments specific to a single program.
  • Take direction from VIV Facilitation Supervisor to provide support to all VI programs, Engineering groups, and our client's other Group locations as necessary
  • Assisting with the coordination of daily program activities such as vehicle prep, work orders, parts coordination and logistics.
  • Evaluating vehicles and providing feedback to the Engineering team.
  • Preparation and staging of Executive overnight vehicle evaluations.
  • Coordinating and supporting the planning and execution of environmental and other test trips, as well as validation ride, immersion rides, etc.
  • Coordinating movement and tracking of vehicles through test cells, garages and labs. Coordinating and supporting static jury assessments, node reviews and clinics.
  • Utilizing proprietary software to update vehicle systems and diagnose issues.
  • Working with Quality, Marketing, Product Planning and other groups to support rides, trips and events, including Corporate, media and press events.
  • Maintain licensing requirements, including chauffer's endorsement, passport, (or enhanced driver's license), cart/cycle license, CPR/AED certification, and CDL (as necessary)
  • Maintaining inventory of departmental and program resources, including procurement and loss and attrition control.
  • Preparing vehicle shippers, Special Moves Requests, as well as customs documentation to expedite vehicle transfer.
  • Delivering vehicles and equipment to...