Technical Trainer


· Provides customer specific training to dealership technicians in the following areas: Late model electronics, powertrain, OEM scan tools, engine, passive restraint system, auto/manual transmission, pre-delivery inspection, steering/suspension, basic electrical, engine performance, basic fuel injection, AC, antilock brakes and other areas as expertise grows.

· Manage training schedule.

· Deliver instructor-led technical training courses to the client’s Dealer and Fleet Technicians, corporate personnel at the client’s Technical Training Centers and mobile locations

· Prepare for and maintain the highest-level of technical proficiency in all Skill Areas

· Manage individual course registration and roster processing

· Maintain the operational integrity of training vehicles for classroom activities

· Utilize all available resources of the client’s to maintain the highest level of technical proficiency

· Assist with the organization and functionality of special tools, hand tools, classrooms for usage, course hardware and components, Diagnosis equipment and software updates

· Monitor and maintain seat fill

· Provide feedback to Training Development Team

· Support Course Development Team if/when required

· Coordinate new model launch training together with Business Center needs

· Analyze data and communicate with BC and dealers on the specific training required for each dealer to complete "Dealer Standards".

· Monitor progress towards Dealer Standards and coordinate course offerings with dealer needs.

· Follow-up with dealers to ensure attendance at necessary courses

· Council with new Service Managers to help them understand and utilize technical training for the benefit of the dealership

· Conduct (as needed) Curriculum Planning Meeting with all...