Technical Support


· Review, analyze, and evaluate various systems operations.

· Documents, tracks, and monitors the problem to ensure timely resolution.

· Performs advance root cause analysis and develops checklists for typical problems.

· Provide technical support on a variety of issues.

· Escalate problems to next level support professionals when necessary.


· High School Diploma

· Some college experience and/or 10-15 years of relevant work experience

· Clean driving record

· Proficiency with Microsoft Office Suite

· Ability to lead, follow and collaborate with others in a comfortable and friendly fashion

· Ability to make valid decisions and initiate action in a variety of circumstances and on short notice

· Confidence and willingness to coordinate activities with others while listening to their input

· Take direction from engineers and supervisors within the Advanced Powertrain organization

· Build custom cans for catalysts

· Cut catalyst matting

· Build custom tooling cones to stuff catalysts into cans

· Build jigs that will be used to fabricate custom exhaust systems

· Instrument exhaust systems with thermocouples and transducers

· Reading/interpreting drawings and sketches so that they can fabricate the part

· Making drawings/sketches for parts that need fabrication based on schematics

· Develop design/parts from concept through vehicle implementation

· Metalworking/Fabrication of parts through the use of Mill, Lathe, Grinder, Saw, Press, etc

· MIG/TIG welding of steel, stainless steel, and aluminum

· Installation of various prototype components onto test vehicles

· Loading and unloading of trucks at shipping dock through the...