Systems Engineer – Senior – PSP

The Battery Systems Engineer will be responsible for the development of technical requirements, synthesis and analysis of them by and with suppliers, and overall verification during the complete design cycle in battery packs for programs. The responsibilities include:

  • Develop, document the engineering requirements for automotive traction battery systems. Lead other engineers and teams to balance requirements.
  • Analyze critical battery performance during the entire product lifecycle including: power and energy performance, battery life, safety performance.
  • Develop and use analytical tools for verifying battery system performance
  • Help develop tests as needed for verifying battery system performance and execute product design improvements.
  • Lead the data analysis activities and interpretation related to battery field performance to guide requirements development and product improvements
  • Provide technical expertise in investigation of system issues and support root cause analysis and mitigation and corrective action plans.



  • Bachelor's degree in Applied Physics, Electrical, Aerospace, Industrial, Systems, or Computer Engineering, or related Engineering field from an ABET accredited, or ABET equivalent university.
  • Minimum of 5 years in product engineering design and development in automotive industry with 3 years working experience in xEV technology applications and areas such as development of battery storage systems, high voltage architecture development, and/or electric powertrain components such as electric traction motors & power electronics.
  • Experience in performance modeling with Matlab/Simulink, COMSOL, GT-Suite and ANSYS
  • Demonstrate excellent level of analytical ability, communication and interpersonal skills required to build relationships and coach team members, and work with customers to solve problems and resolve issues.

Preferred Qualifications:...