Supervisor General

Position Description:

Direct data-driven maintenance processes to improve quality metrics (e.g., higher FTT, less scrap, less contamination, etc.) Coordinate the resources and activities required to ensure problem free start-ups Facilitate start-up/shift-to-shift meetings/communication Facilitate constraint analysis and coordinate activities to eliminate bottlenecks Promote and ensure continuous improvement in the manufacturing engineering organization toward the common goal of improving product quality, plant competitiveness and total cost structure Monitor, control, and improve Maintenance Cost Per Unit (MCPU) Optimize throughput in accordance with budgets and cost objectives: meet or beat schedule Manage and support material control (spare part inventory), repair and rebuild programs, and reliability and maintainability reviews Supervise hourly employees Communication and Recognition Build Team Leaders’ and Team Members’ capabilities Create a conducive work environment for the team(s) to complete their assigned responsibilities / tasks; build and nurture a One Team environment Basic Administration of supervisory responsibilities and documents Lead all daily, weekend and shutdown maintenance planning with input from your team(s) Maximize equipment effectiveness through a detailed, standardized, and prioritized preventive and predictive maintenance plan designed to improve productivity Provide resources, support, and priorities for all maintenance actions; Use Maximo (MFM) to document all maintenance activities (planned and crisis) and create reports to support continuous improvement Use Maximo to analyze data and evaluate the effectiveness of the preventive maintenance plan

Skills Required:

Supervision, Good Communication, Organization, and Technical skills in Manf. Environment Familiar with Robots, Resistance spot welding, PLC’s, Conveyance, DC tools Familiar with Mechanical trades and electrical trades and their R&R’s...