Supervisor General

Job Description

  • Enforce compliance with Safety Operating System practices to include, but not limited to Combustion Safety; Energy Lockout; Pedestrian and Vehicle Safety; Working at Heights; Pre-Task Analysis (PTA); licensing and safety training requirements
  • Perform safety inspections using corporate tools (OHSIM, MSS, SPRB) and conduct safety talks
  • Identify and ensure that safety hazards and unsafe practices are promptly corrected
  • Complete 100% of mandated FAS08 PMs at the prescribed frequency
  • Maintain automation in a state of compliance with specifications, fit, form, and contamination standards
  • Lead skilled trades/maintenance personnel to evaluate controls requirements for maintaining and improving production yields, throughput, and uptime
  • Analyze equipment performance and work to improve efficiencies; actively participate in Constraint Review Process
  • Use and on data (FIS, POSMON, PAARS, Maximo, etc.) to prioritize efforts and achieve 100% flow
  • Optimize throughput in accordance with budgets and cost objectives: meet or beat the schedule
  • Supervise material control (spare part inventory), repair and rebuild programs, and reliability and maintainability reviews
  • Basic administration of supervisory responsibilities and documents
  • Assist and teach maintenance troubleshooting techniques to improve mean time between failure and mean time to repair
  • Supervise preventive maintenance schedules, preventive and predictive inspections, and repairs to minimize downtime
  • Work with ME/PE to launch new programs or equipment, optimize floor layouts, coordinate equipment refurbishment, and develop standardized PM programs from FMEAs
  • Execute prioritized daily maintenance activities (predictive, preventive and crisis maintenance)
  • Obtaining full utilization of workforce while optimizing available opportunities for all maintenance
  • Complete 100% of mandated EOS PMs at the prescribed frequency...