Specialty Development Senior

Job Description:

  • Development of UniPhi interface tools, including management and release of the Powertrain (P/T) control module, test variable, and plant model artifacts in UniPhi, to enable efficient usages by Software-In-the-Loop (SIL) and Hardware-In-the-Loop (HIL) engineers to develop and validate new control system technologies.
  • Additional development work on Powertrain Calibration applications proprietary to our client.
  • Develop, document, and maintain methodologies to effectively import the production P/T control module (control variable), test variable, and plant model artifacts (metadata) into the UniPhi to meet downstream SIL/HIL testing needs .
  • Develop and deliver automated tools and scripts to efficiently execute and handling the data import and management .
  • Utilize prior experience to drive development process improvements to eliminate any manual step .
  • Manage the UniPhi database, including development of methodologies to effectively label the association between the test variable and the control variable (or plant model variable) . Manage parameter evolution over time using the UniPhi versioning schema .
  • Define and maintain the UniPhi reference architecture appropriately over time .
  • Develop Rules when necessary to perform automated error checking on interface, artifact, or association compliance .
  • Ensure data managed in the UniPhi meeting the downstream web API call/query requirements . Create test cases and execution of the test cases for end to end testing .
  • Document and maintain test plan, test cases, testing harness, and test results .
  • Conduct design reviews as one aspect of ensuring quality deliverables .
  • Identify process and tool limitations to expand the functionality and the functionality of the...