Software Engineer Controls

Position Description:

Brake Controls Software Engineer, responsible for C-code construction, static analysis, peer reviews, and ensuring proper revision control of all work products, for client developed brake controls algorithms. Position duties include: - Integrate client developed C language hand code or Auto-Generated code into Tier 1 software environment. - Compile / link C code and resolve compiler warnings/errors, using Tier 1 software build tools and Matlab. - Monitor memory / runtime usage and optimize C code to meet ECU resource constraints. - Perform software quality analysis, safety analysis, and software validation via MIL/SIL simulations. - Develop necessary scripts and tools to automate software build process. - Collaborate with control algorithm engineers to develop test vectors for Model/Code coverage, and perform data analysis. - Maintain Configuration Management System for all relevant software work products. - Specify software interface requirements and validation methods.

Skills Required:

  • C language programming. - Experience with automotive microcontrollers (AURIX, NXP, TI, Renesas). - Resolve compiler/linker warnings/errors and optimize code. - Software quality analysis, e.g. MISRA / Polyspace. - Experience developing automation scripts (e.g. python, Matlab) - Execute work plans, provide status updates and adjust to changing requirements. - Develop software in an ASPICE compliant process. - Support issue analysis and corrective action definitions. - Software Configuration Management System, e.g. GitHub. - Write / test software interface requirements. - Good communication, project management, and teamwork skills.

Skills Preferred:

  • Familiarity with TargetLink, Embedded Coder and BTC Embedded Tester. - Familiarity with Continuous Integration tools, e.g. Jenkins - FMEA analysis....