Simulation Engineer General

Position Description:

• Lead the integration of the plant and controller models for DAT into an overall vehicle model • Lead the development of a simulation environment to enable the simulation of DAT features • Lead/support the validation of the individual plant models and the overall vehicle model • Lead the development of simulation test cases for the verification of DAT features • Execute the simulation test cases to verify the operation of the DAT features and evaluate the vehicle behavior and its impact on customer experience • Understand sensor system interactions in terms of vehicle dynamics to identify possible improvements and trade-offs • Work with the client's Hardware in the Loop, Simulator and client's vehicle test teams to establish simulation procedures to reduce dependency on vehicle level testing • Integrate models of DAT sensors such as cameras, radars and ultrasonics into a full vehicle simulation model • Support Algorithm engineers developing models of sensor fusion and other DAT control algorithms • Perform robustness studies using real world scenarios

Skills Required:

•2+ years of experience in product development 2+ years of experience in active safety systems such as ACC, AEB, LKA, TJA, Collision Avoidance • 2+ years of simulation experience using MathWorks Simulink frameworks or equivalent

Skills Preferred:

• 2+ years of experience with vehicle modeling using tools such as CarSim or CarMaker • 1+ years of experience in ANSYS/VRXPERIENCE • Hands-on experience developing vehicle or system level HIL environment • Experience in development of control systems algorithms • Experience...