Project Manager


· Under minimal supervision and Executive Leader, performs and/or manages project work of a generally complex nature aimed at improving operating systems and functions, with increasing responsibility for project planning.

· Budgets and allocates analyst resources for projects within scope of responsibility.

· Prepares reports and recommendations for management and coordinates implementation whenever possible. May act as a consultant on projects outside of specific assignments.

· Supervises tasks of support staff relative to assigned projects.


· Works independently to manage complex projects involving coordination of multiple participants and teams aimed at improving operating systems and functions within.

· Maintains a high level of responsibility for completion of projects within a department, Hospital or Region with strategic implications.

· Conducts reviews of Hospital/Medical Group areas on a project basis; acts as a project lead for individual or multi-analyst projects.

· Prepares project plans including scheduling, costs, personnel matters and other operational concerns.

As a project manager, has the following responsibilities:

· Developing and refining project scope and objectives

· Developing and refining project work plan

· Recommend and provide input for budget preparation

· Guiding day-to-day activities of the project team

· Facilitate and/or lead meetings and teams

· Supplying periodic project updates to hospital administration. preparing project management reports, and coordinating written and verbal presentations of project findings, conclusions, and recommendations.

· Conceptualizes ideas, develops work plan, and plan execution into project format. Develops and determines priorities and monitors status of projects on an ongoing...