Project Coordinator Senior

Job Description:

The TREAD Early Warning Report (EWR) Project Coordinator and analyst will be responsible for but not limited to:

Supporting the quarterly planning activities required to ensure the TREAD reporting timeline is maintained, preventing risk to submission deadlines.

Facilitating the Data Sharing Agreements document exchanges with the Data Source Owners, documenting the source owner agreements to the data requirements, as well as the confirmation sign-off for the source files’ quarterly record count.

Identifying increases or decreases in records from data sources quarter-over-quarter, engaging Data Source Owners for reasons for data fluctuations, used for reporting and Trend Analysis.

Resolution of data source Gaps and Exceptions required to determine reportability and ensure complete and accurate data used for quarterly TREAD EWR reporting purposes.

Documenting data discrepancies identified during source Gap and Exception work, interacting with Data Source teams on updates required for further processing.

Identifying notable trends found in narrative mappings to the extended TSRC Teams for further review and investigation.

Leading the Completeness & Accuracy analysis for the quarterly TREAD EWR reports (i.e., Death & Injury, Aggregate and Field Report Copies). This will involve coordination with affected Company Business teams and ensuring incoming source data is binned to appropriate TREAD component categories, coordinating last updates if needed.

Involvement in the continuous improvement actions for TREAD EWR reporting, including Information Technology and Business system and process improvements to streamline TREAD activities and minimize risks in reporting.

Assisting to maintain electronic repository of...