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Position Description:

Vehicle Energy Management Engineer – BEV Applications Job responsibilities will focus on the development of next generation BEV energy consumption solutions and performing analysis to improve the on cycle (label) and on road driving range capability of our products. The applicant shall have experience in one or more of the following areas: Experience in power supply design and release (1) Understanding 12V power supply sizing process, to include: (2) Load Sheet drive cycles, component duty cycles, voltage adjustments (3) Alternator performance behaviors, efficiency and technology (4) 12V battery characteristics (5) Key-Off load requirements (6) Voltage regulation strategy, smart charging strategy, power moding Experience in low voltage power systems (1) Understanding of 12V architecture, fusing, power distribution (2) Ability to read vehicle wiring schematics (3) Knowledge of CAN network operation, message structure, diagnostics (4) Experience in vehicle-level feature/function testing of subsystems (5) Design verification of EE systems requirements Experience in modules design and release (1) Understanding of electronic hardware design (2) Ability to read module schematics (3) Knowledge of electronic component technology and functions (4) Awareness of module hardware DV requirements General experience in power electronics (1) Understanding of brushed and brushless motor technology (2) Knowledge of PWM control: motor speed, heating elements (3) Awareness of power components: ultracaps, FET’s, relays, PTC’s (4) 12V load behaviors: constant power, constant current, resistive (5) DC-DC power conversion technology

Skills Required:

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Education Required:

B.S. in Electrical Engineering...