Product Engineer-Chassis Systems

The Product Engineer Chassis Systems is responsible for the suspension component and system design, development, and engineering release for Company production vehicles. Takes part in development of vehicle functional objectives down to the component level, acquires ownership of those objectives. Works with Advanced Team on upfront development of suspension architectures. Participates in development of suspension kinematic and compliance models with the Chassis Virtual Analysis and Driving Dynamics groups. Moves forward with project ownership and executes engineering deliverables per Project Management KPI (Key Process Indicators) and time line Responsibilities include component design/development/package, management of DVPR (Design Verification Plan & Report) for each component, engineering change management, engineering bill of material, support of prototype build using component build matrices, issues management via Company GIMS system, CAD model management in Company TeamCenter system, fastener design and assembly torque development. In addition, would be required to take a leadership role in root cause analysis, containment, and permanent corrective action with critical and complicated vehicle issues. This task requires leading an extended team through PDCA activity from RCA through PCA. Additional responsibilities include but not limited to:

• Task force lead for providing technical expertise & support on proposed design changes to suspension components, wheels and knuckles.

• Responsible for the planning & execution of work plans to assess design change proposals to ensure vehicle functional objectives are achieved or identify associated risks.

• Ensure deliverable timing of components and sub-systems for development testing.

• Oversight of component design, packaging, analysis & validation on identified...