Procurement Specialist

Engagement Description

Responsible for developing IT contract negotiations strategies and performing contract negotiations. Prepare contractual provisions and administer contract proposals. Negotiate commercial contracts with vendors. Issue purchase orders to vendors. Focus on continuous improvement in vendor and client relations. Evaluate requests and requirements, identify risks, develop negotiation strategies, facilitate, and negotiate contracts with vendors, and issue purchase orders.

Top 3 Required Skills/Experience –

• Develop negotiation strategies, conduct negotiations, and manage master contracts. Negotiate Statement of Work (SOW), Amendments, Master Service Contracts and Supplier Paper.

• Negotiate regulatory and compliance related contractual agreements (BAAs, government services, etc.).

• 3 + years IT contract negotiation experience

• Negotiate contract and pricing, finalize, and execute agreements, issue purchase orders.

Required Skills/Experience – The rest of the required skills/experience. Include:

• Ensure product or service descriptions are compliant (PHI, PII, BAA).

• Develop service level agreements for key customers and suppliers. Ensure compliance with customer SLA and that pricing is consistent with sourced pricing.

• Develop reporting and metrics.

• Partner with the business, Office of General Counsel (OGC), Insurance, Audit and Procurement in terms of formulating a negotiation strategy for contractual agreement.

• Collaborate with Business Development, Procurement Consultants and Specialists relative to a contracting and negotiation strategy.

• Develop negotiation strategies and assemble fact-based cases for use with suppliers

Preferred Skills/Experience – Optional but preferred skills/experience. Include:

• Intermediate Microsoft Office Suite skills required - Intermediate Written Communications and Oral Communication skill level required - Intermediate Effectiveness Measurement skills required