Powertrain Synthesis Engineer


· The Powertrain Synthesis Engineer will be responsible for fuel economy, performance, capability and drivability development, testing and validation.

· This includes benchmarking competitive vehicles and developing functional objectives for the client’s vehicles that achieve competitive targets.

· The Synthesis Engineer will plan and conduct vehicle level testing, and analysis of test results to achieve the functional objectives.

· In addition, the successful candidate will work with vehicle engineering, powertrain engineering, and other organizations achieve these functional objectives and optimize the powertrain functionality.


· Responsible for developing simulation models and processes from physical principles for electrical and hybrid powertrain subsystems, and for models assembled from these subsystems.

· Must be accountable for the modeling and analysis activity that will focus especially on system level interactions and transient phenomena of the electrical and hybrid subsystems.

· A qualified candidate will have background in how mathematical models are derived from first principle physics and/or empirical data and are used in conjunction with control systems to predict the function and performance of electrified powertrains and the components from which they are made.

· Modeling of electrical and hybrid powertrains in a vehicle system modeling environment.

· Interaction of controls with these powertrain systems in the model environment.

· Integrating with thermal system modeling, including heat transfer and temperature management for the motors, battery pack, and power electronics.

· Representations of appropriate hybrid system drive cycles, and driver modeling.

· Bachelor of Science in Electrical/ Mechanical Engineering from an ABET accredited university...