Oracle DBA

About this Position: The purpose of the Database Administrator position is to…

● Plan, implement, support and maintain the company enterprise database management system environments

● Control the migration of database structures from the test environment into the production environment

● Manage the production environments

● Monitor and tune production processes

● Simultaneously support small and large scope projects

● Demonstrate technical knowledge of all phases of the systems analysis activity

Outcomes & Activities:

● Coordinate design and maintenance of complex databases with respect to access methods, access time, device allocation, validation checks, organization, security documentation, guidelines and statistical methods. Including maintenance of data dictionaries, overall monitoring of standards and procedures and integration of systems through database design

● Work with users to define the requirements of new systems development

● Develop and maintain standards, procedures and methodologies for effective operation and access

● Design, implement and modify physical database structures; evaluate, test and implement database management systems, utilities and tools

● Provide all support related issues for databases and application servers

● Coordinate database security requirements including basic education, user guidelines, and access authorizations

● Develop, maintain, and monitor documentation and procedural standards relating to all database projects

● Conduct and review tests of database systems to verify performance objectives and quality standards

● Refresh development and test databases as necessary

● Create storage groups, databases, tables and views, review SQL code, develop and enforce database standards

● Communicates availability requirements for database accessibility

● Assist in troubleshooting application...