Operations Coordinator


  1. Libraries and Storage
  • For all of the below elements within this section, design, implement and maintain effective and intuitive libraries and filing systems to house, access, renew, update and track.
  1. Contracts/BAAs (Business Associate Agreements)
  • Manage and maintain all Federal, State, Local and Supplier agreements. Ensure termination criteria and expirations are monitored to allow for timely continuation of agreements and services.
  • Create a follow up process for reviewing, updating and renewing agreements
  1. Business Continuity Plan
  • Update existing plan.
  • Cascade updated plan and ensure annual review and corporate testing requirements (such as call tree testing) are met.
  1. DRIM
  • Complete a GoRide Health Departmental Records Information Matrix (DRIM)
  • Assign GIM/GIS coding
  • Publish DRIM and store in information library
  • Manage updates as needed or at least annually
  1. Share Drive
  • Categorize all documents in the shared drive.
  • Assign ownership and AFR dates
  • Create a review/attestation process
  1. SharePoint
  • Organize existing content
  • Eliminate unnecessary content
  • Design and develop any necessary content
  • Maintain content
  1. Procedures
  • Review all existing procedures
  • Update existing procedures as needed
  • Write any required procedures
  • Create a procedure library
  • Update procedures as needed or at least annually
  1. Create and maintain the below matrixes to ensure all compliance pieces are captured and to maintain renewals as required. These matrixes provide a management tool to support all of the other functional areas identified in this document.
  • Driver’s Matrixes
  • Drivers Training – includes all required driver compliance elements to allow drivers to operate and provide services in each market. This includes a follow-up system to ensure recertifications...