Non-Production / MRO Supervisor


· Specific responsibilities associated with the Tool Stores position include:

· Monitor NPM inventory daily, weekly, monthly, and annually for opportunities to reduce float, increase turns, dispose of inactive material, and trend any potential high theft/scrap/loss material conditions. Update activity classes accordingly / as required.

· Understand and be able to explain any inventory increases.

· Work with Maintenance and Controllers Office to dispose of excess and obsolete material properly.

· Root-cause inventory discrepancies (such as negative balances on hand) and institute proper remediation to correct record.

· Process inter-plant transfers/shipments as required.

· Review open order report and receive/disposition for inventoried material as required.

· Review invoices for receipt confirmation.

· Log non-conformances from the receipt of material into the repository currently in use and pursue resolution with supplier as required.

· Interface with third party providers (repair warranty, chemical management, etc.) regarding internal or external inventory requests or issues.

· Review tool store requests (TSR's) and initial repetitive buys from the prior day that will trigger orders for the current day to ensure validity of order based on prior usage/activity; cancel any unnecessary orders.

· Support World Class Manufacturing (WCM) activities as defined within Tool Stores Book of Knowledge, through daily housekeeping reviews &/or 5-S checks, and by initiating and implementing Kaizens. Participate on WCM Pillar committees as required.

· Assist in training plant personnel on how to create RFM's and TSR's.

· Support Order Processing & Control (OPC) on any ordering or follow up issues as...