Manufacturing Engineer


  • Responsible for ensuring new vehicle product designs are manufacturable as well as in compliance to manufacturing requirements and General Assembly strategies.
  • Provides a consistent voice of Manufacturing to Product Engineering for a given global architecture/style.
  • Understand product design and communicate manufacturing requirements to product engineering.
  • Communicate product information and requirements to Arch Leads and Program Execution.
  • Enforce compliance to General Assembly Strategies.
  • Execute & Verify Manufacturing Requirements.
  • Follow the Advanced Program Health Check (APHC) process for issue tracking and escalation.
  • Resolve issues with Product Engineering and Global Manufacturing Engineering.
  • Escalate deviations at Leadership Calls.
  • Conduct virtual studies/assessments throughout Vehicle Development Process.
  • Initiate / Conduct program Level 2 PFMEA workshops.
  • Participate in product peer reviews (ePeer Process).
  • Document process & tooling requirements for regional execution and ensure compliance by all executing assembly plants.
  • Drive product designs with the lowest Base Engineered Content (BEC) and participate in BEC reduction workshops.
  • Communicate Lessons Learned to Global Technical Integration Engineers (TIEs).
  • Develop & communicate program compartment level 2 build sequence.
  • Identify and communicate potential ergo issues to program ergonomist.
  • Attend IVER builds (mandatory) and Assembly Plant builds (as required).
  • Act as IRT co-chair during IVER builds at PPO.
  • Act as the Global IRT co-chair and drive common solutions across the regions.


  • Excellent communication skills (verbal and written).
  • Ability to make complex concepts/issues easily understood by non-proficient English speaking peers.
  • Strong VIS Mockup skills.
  • ME Experience (Program Execution or Assembly Plant).
  • Knowledge of MEGA process and GM Systems, including MPS, VAA, MRDB, E2,...