Engineering Technologists

Position Description:

Coordinate component/sub-system/engine/full powertrain part identification, return, inspection, measurement, analysis and test in support of hgh time in service quality issues and root cause determination. Lead setup of new part inspection room including system for part tracking, display, teardown, measurement and disposition. Interface with inside and outside partners such as EPD, VPSE, Vehicle Programs, Warranty Parts Return Center, Outside Supplier and Fleets to acquire part returns, arrange for part swaps and provide overall support. Fully support testing ranging from component bench level to full powertrain/vehicle testing to identify root casue, replicate quality issues and validate fixes. Coordinate test schedules, setups, conditions, data collection, test data, report outs and test reliability. Coordinate prototypes/hardware needed to support aforementioned testing including supporting design, ordering, supplier interface, inventory, builds and all required instrumentation. Support the development and build of new/special test methods, run testing and integrate new tests as appropriate into documentation. Led projects focused on the above with full coodination of schedule, timing and quality of delivery. Identify and document lessons learned for knowledge preservation.

Skills Required:

Overall knowledge of engine, exhaust, air induction and cooling systems. Diagnostic and problem solving Mechanic/mechanical Electrical/wiring Project management Communication/good people skills

Skills Preferred:

Structured problem solving 6-Sigma

Experience Required:

Prior experience in engine, exhaust after-treatment, air induction and/or cooling systems (gas or diesel) Interfacing with customers Leading complex projects with quality and on time Hands on fabrication and mechanical/electrical integration

Experience Preferred:

Quality/Reliability Engineering Engine / powertrain system teardown and analysis

Education Required:

Associate Degree...