· We are seeking drivers who are compassionate, caring, reliable and responsible to assist clients who have mobility challenges to their destinations safely and on time.

Job Responsibilities:

· Report to work each day on time and well groomed, in a clean uniform

· Use on-board computer to accept trip requests (work orders) and track pick-up and drop-off status

· Promptly communicate with supervisor/dispatcher regarding any in-field issues (e.g. delays, accidents, vehicle problems, etc.)

· Transport clients in a full-size wheelchair van to/from their destinations safely and on time

· Enter into facilities to usher clients to the vehicle and back

· Assist clients as they enter and exit the vehicle, including safe use of a wheelchair lift as needed

· Securely transport wheelchair passengers using wheelchair tie-down belts

· Help clients fasten/unfasten seatbelts as needed

· Fuel and clean vehicle at the end of each shift (Employer shall provide fuel and cleaning supplies)

· Adhere to all company policies and protocol

Qualifications and Education Requirements

· Must possess a valid Chauffeurs License issued by the State of Michigan

· Must pass Motor Vehicle Report screening and be insurable

· Must have a clean driving record with no DUI history, and no more than two moving violations in the last year

· Must have a good track record of being a reliable and responsible individual (references from a previous employer(s) required)

· Must have previous experience with a good track record of assisting customers in a thoughtful, caring and timely...