Diagnostic Architect

The Diagnostic Architect is responsible to orient Diagnostic System Owners in creating correct diagnostic requirements and for modeling the diagnostic objects and signals in Rhapsody following DOORS requirements and pertaining rules for correct diagnostic information for ODX generation out of Rhapsody Models. The Diagnostic Architect shall understand Functional Partitioning and Allocation (FPA) and relevant Diagnostic specifications and ODX format for correct modeling and linking of the diagnostics to System Components that are deployed to ECUs.


• Model Diagnostic Objects (DIDs, RIDs and DTCs) in Rhapsody following requirements documented in DOORS.

• Manage Diagnostic Objects and Signals by Domains in the Diagnostic Library in Rhapsody performing baselining and propagation of diagnostic objects/signals for different architecture product lines.

• Analyze DOORS Diagnostic Requirements and perform rationality assessments of these requirements working with Sub-System Lead engineers in properly defining these requirements.

• Interact with FPA (Functional Partitioning and Allocation) engineer to have the properly modeling of System Signals and System Components that will be linked to the Diagnostic Objects and Signals in the Diagnostic Library in Rhapsody.

• Evaluate ODX reports and other diagnostic reports to assert correct deployment of diagnostics to ECUs.

• Work in RTC (Rational Team Concert) to upload DSD (Diagnostic System Design spreadsheet), understand diagnostic requests, approve ballots and close work tickets following GM internal process for CRs (Change Requests).

• Keep good interaction and communication with Domain Architects and System Owners and update status of the CRs assigned to you as Diagnostic Architect.

• Work...