Desktop Designer/Printing Production Specialist


· The Desktop Designer/Printing Production Specialist performs a variety of technical and support services involving printing and production operations; assist with cost analysis and establishes and maintains production schedules; performs related duties as assigned.

Responsibilities include but not limited to:

· Develop specifications, coordinates, schedules and facilitates printing and production services; review bids; organizes and implements a production work schedule for processing requests; develops and maintains job log for assigned projects; creates and implements an accountability system for each phase of the production schedule to insure the timely completion and availability of projects; researches, evaluates, and forecasts trends in commercial printing technology and processes; provides direction and support during schedule interruptions to accommodate emergency requests.

· Provides consultation and assistance to internal stakeholders during project development regarding the printing production process including how to coordinate and facilitate the project's requirements in a timely manner, formulating and preparing print requests, choosing appropriate paper and ink/color combinations, and the impact of choosing the appropriate paper quality for the finished print job; recommends various printing techniques; recommends cost reducing methods as well as cost analysis and timeline impacts for specified projects; acts as a resource to advise appropriate printing and production methods to meet print needs within budgeted goals; coordinates and manages printing and production requirements with outside vendors as necessary.

· Work directly with our design team to ensure visual and brand integration as required.

· Assist with retouching tasks, including cropping, resizing, color manipulation, and removing artifacts to be compatible...