Business Analyst

Engagement Description –

This individual will be responsible for working in a team setting to optimize the performance of business processes and functions through Lean Six Sigma continuous and process improvement methodologies and approaches. The ideal candidate will possess an in-depth knowledge of Visio process mapping (SIPOC, Value Stream and Cross-Functional), baselining current-state situations, and performing qualitative data analysis and root cause analysis at the process level.

This candidate will work extensively with teams to document the differences in business practices between the HMO and PPO organizations, and to determine the root cause of the differences that make the HMO ---unique”. They will spend many hours with business partners creating SIPOC comparison tools at the process level, and then they will work independently to summarize findings for appropriate audiences. Because of this, they must be comfortable working in team settings and on their own to comprehensively complete assessments.

This Candidate must be comfortable leading cross functional teams and projects and must have experience mitigating risks and issues through to completion.

Top 3 Required Skills/Experience –

• Advanced proficiency in Microsoft applications (Visio, Project, Excel, PowerPoint, Word)

• In depth knowledge and experience with process mapping software and approaches (SIPOC, value stream mapping and cross-functional process mapping)

• Advanced analytical abilities – This candidate must be comfortable maneuvering between minute details and big picture thinking depending on the audience, and they must be able to articulate those details verbally (in meetings) and in writing (reports and presentations).

Required Skills/Experience – The...