Battery Pack Hardware Validation Engineer


  • Construct the validation plan with the approval of functional pack DRE, HW pack DRE and Safety manager
  • Verify that the validation plan covers all applicable requirements including Federal, regulatory, and regional specifications
  • Verify the quantity of the packs required to complete the validation plan
  • Responsible to give the quotation of the validation plan at the HW pack DRE
  • Verify the match between the validation plan and the budget allocated
  • Prepare, follow and update the validation plan (receipt of the packs, engagement and progress of the tests in regard of the planning,…)
  • Responsible to write the tests book (all the data concerning the pack to ensure the test : assembly book, the functional requirements, boundary condition,…)
  • coordinate the kickoff and the review of the validation plan with the HW pack DRE and the laboratory
  • coordinate the meeting with the external laboratory
  • Communicate the validation plan and any updates to the project stakeholders (HW pack DRE), including Design Release Engineers
  • Establish the maturity of the packs required for the test, including BOM and software revision
  • Open the issue in the case of the failure during the test
  • Participate in root cause analysis in case of any test failures
  • Review test reports for approval before the release


  • Bachelor or Master degree in engineering (mechanical, electrical, chemistry, ...)
  • Planning
  • Working knowledge of transducers, test apparatus, and test procedures ​
  • Communication skills within a global...