Administrative Support


The GFL Shuttle team is running a prototype service to test new concepts to improve the current commuter shuttle experience.

These concepts include vehicular prototypes, digital prototypes, and service prototypes, which will be tested in San Francisco from Aug-Dec 2017.

We need a passionate team member to lead the day-to-day operations including customer relations, manage and monitor the associated learnings, and contribute creatively to the design teams efforts to evolve and improve the service.

Position Responsibilities - on a day-to-day basis, you will be:

  • Monitoring where the riders are along their shuttle journey.
  • Writing and sending text messages to riders.
  • Document significant operational events and observations.
  • Communicating with the riders, driver, Chariot operations team, and the GFL Shuttle Team.
  • Assist with collecting feedback from riders.
  • Define and deliver operational improvements, including automation of some operational steps.
  • Support the teams synthesis of user feedback and evolve the new concepts.


  • 1 or more years experience using MacOS in professional or academic environment
  • 6 or more months experience with Google Suite tools, especially Google Maps and Google Docs
  • 6 or more months experience managing multiple streams of communications - online and phone
  • Bachelors degree completed or in progress
  • Ability to work Monday - Friday, 8-hour day with a split shift.

Skills Preferred:

  • Adaptable to rapidly changing conditions where guidelines and instruction can evolve daily.
  • Driven self-starter; comfortable improvising and thinking independently.
  • Excellent communication skills - articulate and fluent with attention to detail.
  • Social media savvy
  • Customer relations experience. Knowing how to...