ADAS Simulation Engineer

Job Description

  • ADAS Simulation Engineer at our client Company is committed to becoming the world’s most trusted mobility company, designing vehicles for a smart world that help people move more safely, confidently and freely
  • To make driving more exciting, enjoyable and sustainable, Vehicle Attribute Engineering is dedicated to delivering robust, validated, and reliable Advanced Driver Assist Systems (ADAS) such as Adaptive Cruise Control, Automatic Emergency Braking, Active Part Assist, and 360 Camera System
  • In this role, engineers will use simulation methods to improve vehicle level development, validation, and verification of the client’s suite of Advanced Driver Assist Systems
  • Lead the integration of the plant and controller models for ADAS into an overall vehicle model
  • Lead the development of a simulation environment to enable the simulation of ADAS features
  • Lead/support the validation and correlation of the individual plant models and the overall vehicle model
  • Lead the development of simulation test cases for the verification of ADAS features
  • Execute the simulation test cases to verify the operation of the ADAS features and evaluate the vehicle behavior and its impact on customer experience
  • Understand sensor system interactions in terms of vehicle dynamics to identify possible improvements and trade-offs
  • Work with the client Hardware in the Loop, Simulator, and client vehicle test teams to establish simulation procedures to reduce dependency on vehicle level testing
  • Integrate models of ADAS sensors such as cameras, radars, and ultrasonics into a full vehicle simulation model
  • Support Algorithm engineers developing models of sensor fusion and other ADAS control algorithms...