Our History


In 1982, Yousif B. Ghafari established Ghafari Associates in Southeast Michigan to provide computer-aided design services to automotive industry clientele. As the firm developed, its array of services became increasingly diversified and by 1985, it was also meeting client requests for on-site engineering. Yousif anticipated that the demand for site support would only increase and was likely to expand into the contract labor domain as companies sought more flexible staffing solutions. In an effort to position his organization to meet this need, he founded G-TECH Services in 1986.

The first years were challenging as G-TECH responded to labor demands created by Ghafari projects. By 1989, it became clear that a dedicated leader was necessary. Yousif turned to his sister, Theresa Ghafari, who served as the company’s President + CEO until late 2016.

G-TECH expanded its recruitment and placement areas of specialization beyond the engineering and technical support fields to include information technology and finance / accounting. This strategy enabled the firm to increase market share in its core sector, the automotive industry, as well as attract non-automotive clients.

G-TECH acquired select assets of a major staffing firm, enabling them to expand geographically and penetrate new markets. As a result of these transactions, the firm opened corporate offices in Illinois and Texas.

Today, G-TECH has over 600 employees in 13 states. In the last decade alone, the firm has tripled its sales and employee numbers and is well-known by our clients, employees and the staffing industry for conducting business with the fullest measure of integrity.