Professional Staffing


At G-TECH, we specialize in providing highly skilled staff in technical fields such as engineering, IT, procurement, finance and accounting. We offer contract and project staffing, direct placement as well as contract-to-direct hire conversion.

Our experienced team of recruiters and account representatives is adept at responding quickly to client requests, matching qualified, pre-screened candidates across a wide range of job titles and assignments. Based on our excellent reputation in the marketplace, over 50% of our placements come from referrals. This strong referral base, an important part of our already extensive candidate database, gives us access to talent that our competitors don’t have.

Payroll Services

We provide payroll services to help our clients add their own pre-selected candidates to their teams without having to worry about the administrative burdens that accompany direct employment. Using this service, our clients can:

  • Continue to utilize the skills of their retired employees in a contract capacity
  • Enhance their teams by engaging pre-selected experts and specialists without having to employ them directly
  • Convert improperly designated direct hires into contract employees

Our team handles every aspect of the payroll administration process in adherence with federal, state and local laws, allowing you to concentrate on your core business and keep your daily interactions with your team focused on performance rather than on administrative headaches. We assume responsibility for:

  • Payment of Employee Wages
  • All Payroll Deductions for Federal, State + Local Income Taxes + FICA
  • Unemployment Insurance
  • Medical Insurance Benefits
  • 401(k)
  • Worker’s Compensation
  • Employee Benefits

We are also capable of converting contract employees to direct hires with minimal service interruption.

Co-Employment Training

As a professional staffing organization, G-TECH is committed to helping our clients understand co-employment laws and regulations so they can avoid co-employment determination. “Hosts” or “co-employers” can be held liable for contract employee compensation, withholdings, benefits, 401(k) participation, seniority / promotion rights, overtime pay and all other aspects of employment if a government agency or court of law determines that they are the employer-in-fact. Members of our corporate staff are subject matter experts in co-employment policies and practices and are Technical Services Certified™ by the American Staffing Association. We can train your managers to avoid activities and interactions with their contract staff that could lead to a co-employment determination and substantial economic liability to your company. We can also help you understand your obligations to our contract employees while they are assigned to your site. We offer specialized training sessions led by our in-house subject matter experts that educate your team about contract labor best practices in an informative, interactive and entertaining way. These training sessions are customizable and cover such employment topics as:

  • General guidelines for interacting with contract employees
  • The primary differences between onboarding and managing contract employees versus full-time employees
  • Situations that can lead to costly co-employment violations and how to avoid them

It is critical that any organization utilizing contract supplemental staff understand the potential ramifications of the co-employment model. We highly encourage our clients to take advantage of these training sessions, a value-added service of G-TECH.